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We work in the industrial robotics sector developing solutions tailored to the customer, using flexible solutions like industrial robots and agv’s. View our Services.

Packaging Solutions

From box formation to picking, product placement and palletizing.

Machining Lines

From parts feeding, lathes, machining centres, deburring, measurement, components assembly, quality inspection, tightness tests, washing and packaging.

Handling Solutions

and painting robotic metal parts with conveyor tracking.

What we can do for you

We can help your business improve the production process with our industrial robotic solutions specifically tailored made to your line of work, so you can achieve better and faster results.

Our experience and expertise is at your service. 

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Activity Sectors

We have over 20 years of experience and knowledge providing expert solutions to different sectors and markets, such as Food Industry, Automotive, Foundry, Pharmaceutic, Plastic, Textile, Electronics, among others. 

We have more than 500 different cells, and tailored robotic solutions specific to your needs.

We have a wide range of robotic solutions, from meat and canned food, to injectable aluminium foundries, machining and painting area, to picking and assembly for the pharmaceutical industry.

Yes, for sure. Our mission is to provide our customers advanced robotics solutions according to their needs. 

Need smart IoT and Industry 4.0 solutions? Talk with us. 

Key Advantages


A young, enthusiastic team of engineers and technicians are always here to help.


We have highly trained collaborators with over 20 years of experience in this sector.


Our team ensure you get the optimum results with expert solutions.

Our Business in Numbers

R&D New Cells/Year
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